Abu Dhabi Police launch anti drug campaign
The Abu Dhabi Police have launched a number of programs on the eve of international anti drug day which is on June 26. The campaign was launched at the marina mall by Major General Mohammed Khamees Al Junabi, the Deputy Chief of Abu Dhabi Police. Several Senior Officers from various departments and a large number of Public were present on the occasion.
The main venue for the programs will be Marina mall in Abu Dhabi and will go on till the 29th of this month. The activities have been planned to create positive awareness among all sections of the society regarding the menace of drugs and the ways and means of fighting it collectively.
Speaking on the occasion Col. Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, the Head of the drugs department at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police, said, His Highness Lt.Gen. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan ,the Minister of Interior ,has given clear directives to fight this social menace by all means especially using the latest technology for the detection of the crime as well as creating awareness among people in making the country a  drug free society .The anti narcotic department of the Abu Dhabi Police has handled 84 drug related cases with 129 arrests during the first half of this year, he added.
The main theme of the campaign is “Together towards a drug free Society”.
The campaign call on all sections of the society to back the security agencies to work together to ensure the safety of the people and the society as a whole by avoiding the youth from falling pray to drug addiction, he said.
Captain Nasser bin Khadem al Kaabi, head of the social relations and guidance section, at the public relations department said, the campaign will have many themed programs for highlighting the message of the campaign.
 This includes exhibitions, competitions, lectures, distribution of literature and other interactive programs and medical clinics .he said. The campaign is also supported by the participation from the community policing department, medical services department, ministry of social affairs, general authority of health services, national rehabilitation center and Abu Dhabi education zone .there will also be counseling sessions by the expert’s regarding de addiction methods. He added.
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