Abu Dhabi Police gears up for Gulf Cup 18‎ 

13.12.2006 :

Abu Dhabi Police have geared up its preparation for the forthcoming gulf ‎cup 18 which will be held in Abu Dhabi during the beginning of January ‎‎2007.‎

As part of its preparation two teams of officers were send to Germany this ‎year to get them acquainted with the safety and security arrangements done ‎for the world cup this year. Eleven officers were send to Qatar to see such ‎arrangements made for the ongoing Aisad there. ‎

Lt.Col.Khalifa Butti Al Shamsi,director of the training department at the ‎human resource directorate of the General headquarters said that many such ‎trainings and expertise exchange programs have been made with the ‎German,French,UK,Switzerland and south African Police and other security ‎departments ‎

The training programs included the central operations control, VIPsecurity, ‎safety requirements, managing crowd and meeting emergency situations.60 ‎Police personnel’s from the traffic department have been given the special ‎training for the presidential escort he added.‎
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