Abu Dhabi Police delegation for London exhibition ‎

22.11.2006 :

His highness Lt.Gen.sheikh Saif bin Zayed, the Minister of Interior has directed to send a ‎high-level Police delegation for participating in the investment opportunity exhibition in ‎London, said Brigadier Ahmed Naser al Raisi, Director General of the Central operations ‎directorate at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi police.‎

The participation in the exhibition will help us to get to know about the latest ‎technological developments in the world and exchange knowledge and experience that is ‎related to security matters with participating delegates from other countries and ‎establishments besides showcasing our technology applications in Abu Dhabi police. Said ‎Al Raisi.‎

The delegation is headed by Major Anwer Abdullah al Mullah, deputy director of the ‎information technology department at the central operations. The delegation includes ‎other six Police Officers form the General Headquarters.‎

We will be exhibiting our e-gate services, Iris scan technology and other E-services ‎provided by the police, said Major al Mullah, the head of the delegation. The exhibition ‎will commence on Wednesday and will continue for three days.‎

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