Abu Dhabi Police activate new Traffic control systems

 Motorists who jump relights and break speed limits to be reined in


The traffic and licensing department at the Abu Dhabi police will put in to effect the new traffic control system to streamline the vehicle movement, monitoring of traffic signal junctions, breaking speed limits, the official said.

 The initiative is aimed at reducing traffic violations and accidents .the cameras installed at each junction will help monitor the traffic movements and the violations if any. The cameras are linked to the central database at the traffic and patrolling department and offences will be registered automatically in the vehicles file, said Captain Husain Ahmad Al Harthi,of the road engineering section of the traffic and licensing department.

 The accidents occur at intersections are the most dangerous, mostly causing serious injuries or death due to collision.

 More roads and highways in the emirate will have their maximum speed limits revised, an official source at the Ministry of Interior said. The move is part of a pilot project to improve road safety said the Ministry source.

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