The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ) represented by the Juveniles Care Center called upon parents to establish a good relationship with their children – one that is based on mutual respect and appreciation. The Abu Dhabi Police also stressed the importance of encouraging children and in supporting them in order to nurture good members of the community.

These remarks will be included in the radio address that will be broadcasted live on Thursday by the Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police. It  falls in line with  the ’Security Glances’ Campaign organized by the Radio Branch at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Lieutenant Tahani Abdullah Saeed, Social Care Specialist at the Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the family is the cornerstone of any society, as it plays an essential role in the upbringing of children and in rehabilitating and refining their personality. She also emphasized the importance of the role of the family in caring for children, and reiterated that the importance of the joint efforts between both parents to maintain a good family structure that supports the community overall.

Lieutenant Saeed also noted that raising children is a significant challenge that any family faces, most particularly in regards to understanding children in their various stages of development – especially during the adolescent years.   Parents should be prepared to deal with their children intelligently under any circumstance that may arise in order to avoid ill-treatment that may result in negative psychological impacts that affect children later on in their life.

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