An air ambulance from the Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing Department transported five injured people from various nationalities to Khalifa and Tuam Hospitals, to pursue further medical treatment over the course of last week.

In the first case, the air ambulance transferred two Emirati citizens, a man and a 9-year old girl from Al Sila Hospital to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain city. Both citizens had sustained injuries in a traffic accident in the sisterly kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In two separate cases, the air ambulance of the Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing Department headed to Delma Hospital in the Western Region to transport two individuals to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital. A Bengali man moderately injured in a traffic accident; and an 80-year old elderly man suffering a deteriorating health condition.

Furthermore, a 70-year old female Emirati citizen was transferred from Ghayathi Hospital in the Western Region to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi to pursue further medical treatment.

In another humanitarian mission, the Operations Room of the Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing Department received notification 30 minutes before the Maghrib prayers, about a traffic accident in Al Shuaib region. The air ambulance, based in Al Ain, was immediately dispatched to the location and transported two seriously injured citizens to Tawam Hospital for treatment.

The medical team on board of the Air Ambulance provided the necessary medical treatment to the injured during the flight to the hospital and submitted a report on their health conditions to the hospital officials and staff.

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