Abu Dhabi Police Strategy and Performance Development Department organized a seminar about the electronic club. The seminar comes in line with the importance of information technology and communication networks and their role in enhancing participation and continuous communication among the various leaderships, departments, and staff of Abu Dhabi Police.

The seminar was held at the Al-Ain Police Officers’ Club and was attended by Colonel Mohammed Suhail AL Rashidi, Deputy Director of Al Ain Police Directorate, and a number of the Directorate’s officers, staff, experts and civilians.

Colonel Mohammed Hameed Dalmouj AL Zahirhi, Director General of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, and Head of the Electronic Club Development and Activation Committee, said: “Abu Dhabi Police website was created on the internal network (electronic police club) in 2004, as per the best international technologies ‘MS SharePoint 2010’ which contributed in developing the electronic police club. This step comes in line with Higher Leadership’s firm belief in the importance of culture and knowledge management, which reflected positively on the performance and competence of the staff.”

The seminar addressed the goal of the electronic club, which is represented in communication, services and knowledge. It also included an overview about the different development stages of the club; whereas the first two stages were completed and work is underway on the third and final stage. 

The structure of the electronic club was also presented: main page, general departments, administrations and departments’ websites and users’ websites, as well as the electronic club various portals and services, which include more than 60 portals and electronic services. The statistics indicate more than quarter of a million visits to the website.

At the end of the seminar, the project implementation achievements were presented, as well as the different stages of the project’s completion. Competitions were also organized at the seminar and many gifts were distributed to the participants.


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