The Directorate of Strategy and Performance Development at Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the Knowledge Higher Committee, organized the Second Forum for “exchanging knowledge and ideas.” The Forum was held at the Decision Making Support Center’s hall in the department’s complex in Abu Dhabi.

Colonel Faisal Sultan Al Shuaibi, Director of Strategy and Performance Development at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters inaugurated the Forum and welcomed the attending audience. He reiterated that knowledge forums are among the most important supporting elements at the Abu Dhabi General Headquarters’ level.

Colonel Al Shuaibi pointed out to the commitment of the Directorate of Strategy and Performance Development, represented by the Knowledge Center to holding periodical forums. The topics of these forums have been chosen based on knowledge-oriented standards and specifications in order to enrich current knowledge assets. There forums apply international standards as they represent a necessity for contributing in building a knowledge-based economy and achieving the government’s goal of becoming one of the top five governments in the world.

He also stressed on the unique interest of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters in knowledge and exchanging and developing it. This commitment has been clearly reflected in organizing many knowledge workshops and forums, in addition to the personal participation, supervision, and support.

For his part, Major Dr. Rashid Khalfan bin Amer Al Zokhri, Head of Strategic Planning, Performance Evaluation and Institutional Excellence Department at the Diwan of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, presented a paper that tackled change management aspects. He also explained that change management is an ongoing process that aims to enhance a given institution’s ability to carry out changes, in addition to solving the resulting problems and reducing the counter-change factors. The latter include individuals’ behavior, regulatory structures, and performance’s systems, evaluation, technology, and policies.

“Change Management is not an easy or simple process; it is a complex process with interrelated elements and components. Its practices are characterized with innovation and creation, while its success is mainly dependent on the human element that is represented by two main forms: the leaders’ enthusiasm towards the change on the first hand, and the change-affected persons’ commitment to implementing this change on the other hand.” Major Dr. Al Zokhri added.

Major Dr. Omar Ibrahim bin Hamid Al Ali, Chief of Competency Assessment Section at the Leadership Development and Creativity Center at the Abu Dhabi General Headquarters, presented another paper that tackled the concepts of learning and cognition.

Major Dr. Al Ali stressed that learning is a process of refining ideas and changing them into significant knowledge that has the ability to support directives and decision making processes. “If we define creation as the ability to think of new things, innovation will be defined as doing new things, while learning will be defined as acquiring innovators’ capacity to do these things,” Major Dr. Al Ali explained. “Learning can be innovative, as it transforms innovation from a personal activity and individual practice into a behavioral practice of the learning institution as a whole,” He added.

It is worth mentioning that the workshop was attended by officers and civil staff of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, in addition to knowledge coordinators at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.
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