Abu Dhabi Police Organize Religious Seminar to mark Isra Wal Meraj
As part of ADP cultural programme, the Social Relations and Morale Section, Department of Media and Public Relations at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters organized a religious seminar at Abu Dhabi International Airport Security Institute of Airports and Border Checkpoints Directorate to mark to mark Isra Wal Meraj, the Prophet Mohammad " .
The seminar titled (Lessons learnt from Prophet Mohammad "PBUH" Ascension to Heaven) was delivered by Preachers Hassan Al Dusuqi and Mohammad Shahta Al Barawi from the Cultural and Morale Guidance Branch. They stressed the importance of the occasion for all Muslims. They said it was a miracle conferred on Prophet Mohammad "PBUH". At the end of the seminar the preachers answered the questions of the audience.  
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