Abu Dhabi Police Officer obtains Masters Degree from UK University


First Lt.Abdullah Mohammed Saeed Al Kaabi, of the strategic development department at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police has obtained masters degree in planning and transportation from new castle Iontine University in UK.

The duration of the masters program was for one year of which different semesters were allotted for different topic of study. The course commenced in September 2004 and finished in may 2005.

He had also spent about 80 hours of research study related to black point system used in traffic monitoring and putting fines on violators. This system was implemented in UK in the year 1986.Abdulla Al Kaabi have interacted with a wide spectrum of people for collecting the information’s required for his project study.

He had pointed out certain flaws in the working of the black point system and in correcting the driving habits of the motorists and also other weak points in the system. He gave suggestions for improving the system and making it flawless. This was made possible by making a comparative analysis of the working of similar systems in United States of America, Canada and Australia. He said.

Abdullah Al Kaabi expressed his deep gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed al Nahyan, the Minister of Interior for the facilities given to him for undergoing the studies and also to the Abu Dhabi Police for the support he gained from his superiors and other colleagues. He is confident of utilizing the knowledge acquired through his masters program for the strategic development of such systems in UAE. 

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