The Abu Dhabi Police Music Band gave an outstanding performance on Thursday evening at the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival 2014, which is held in the Al Wathba area in Abu Dhabi and will conclude today, Friday.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of the Cultural and Social Activity Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Clubs and Sports Activities Department, said, “The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Clubs Department, was keen to take part in the Festival since the inception of the Festival with a distinguished heritage pavilion displaying old and new pictures of Abu Dhabi Police and showcasing the classic police cars. The ADP Music Band is also participating wearing the initial traditional uniform, with a number of national and heritage Emirati music pieces that were highly acclaimed by the Festival’s visitors from various nationalities and age groups.”

He added that the Abu Dhabi Police General strives persistently to take part in various traditional and national events that contribute to spreading the Emirati culture and the deep rooted traditional heritage, as well as reinforcing national identity. He also pointed out that the current edition of the festival includes several live activities and attractions that allowed nationals, residents, and visitors to enjoy a glimpse of the past within a fun-filled atmosphere and interaction between attendees.

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