The Abu Dhabi Police encouraged citizens and residents in the Western Region (Al Gharbia) to become acquainted with the Etihad Rail Project. ADP also encouraged them to become familiar with the safety measures along the new rail network and cross using pedestrian designated areas only.

The Department of Transport at Abu Dhabi Police provides information about the Etihad Rail to all members of the community in Al Gharbia. The seven-month-long campaign launched by the Etihad Rail Company introduces the Etihad Rail Project and the new railway track, and presents information about how to deal with it. The campaign will reach malls, schools, workers camps, and residential areas.

Colonel Tariq Al Ghoul, Head of Department of Transport at Abu Dhabi Police, in collaboration with the strategic partner, the Etihad Rail Company, stressed the importance of providing public safety along railway areas. He also pointed to the significance of encouraging people to abide by these measures. He noted that safety measures are an integral part of the trains operating as mechanisms that enhance the transport network, improve transportation services, and advance networks in order to keep pace with the development work that the UAE is witnessing on all levels. He also indicated that police officers are distributing awareness booklets in Al Gharbia that explain the Etihad Rail Project and the public safety measures that the public must follow. Some of these directions are to not jump over fences on either side of the railway and to cross using pedestrian designated areas.

Colonel Al Ghoul added that the Department of Transport is committed to expanding the reach of the awareness campaign and to contact people wherever they may be prior to launching train operations. “As the campaign continues for seven months, we will focus our campaign in the seven Al Gharbia regions for one month each,” he explained.

The campaign includes many activities which include a bus designed as a train that will tour Al Gharbia region and visit municipalities, schools, malls, work camps, and residential areas. This two-story bus will interactively spread awareness among community members and inform them about the train’s operating mechanisms and its positive effects on the country.

The campaign also allows the community to take advantage of the basic tips about the rules of safety and security in the areas of railway, including the failure to pass the perimeter fence rail and to cross in designated areas only.

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