The social initiative implemented by the Operations Department at Abu Dhabi Police, aimed at honoring people who contact the Operations Room (999) to report emergencies, prompted citizens to quickly report incidents and other emergency situations. This has contributed to speed of response and intervention at the time of accidents and an increase in public trust.

First Lieutenant Fahed Al Dahmani, supervisor of the social responsibility program at the Operations Department, explained that the initiative recognizes the efforts of citizen informants who cooperated with the police in protecting lives and property. The initiative also aims at boosting partnership of individuals and community institutions with the police, in the quest to curb accidents and unfavorable phenomena.

He also noted that the Operations Room receives emergency reports on the emergency number 999. He noted: “As a part of the initiative to recognize the social responsibility of the callers and encourage others to follow suit, the Operations Room received two different reports. The first call reported a fire that broke out in a non-residential area. The caller said that he saw smoke in a remote area. When he arrived there, not without a good deal of difficulty, he discovered the fire and alerted the Operations Room operators who immediately responded to the report.”

Adding further, he said: “The prompt reporting of the fire and the accurate description of the location has contributed to the speed of response and timely intervention of the competent police authorities and ultimately helped to contain the fire outbreak and prevent it from spreading to the trees and nearby residential areas.”

The second call reported a traffic accident that occurred on a busy and vital intersection. The caller provided accurate information on the situation, including the accident location, the number of the vehicles involved, and the estimated number of causalities. He also helped the police in moving some of the vehicles off of the accident location, which improved the speed of response and allowed timely arrival of medical teams to provide first-aid to the injured.

First Lieutenant Al Dahmani stressed the commitment of the Operations Department at Abu Dhabi Police to constantly implement such programs, out of its firm belief in the valuable role of the public in supporting police officers to carry out their duties. “The department is keen on establishing the necessary standards to evaluate and classify informants’ reports, and to identify individuals that should be honored,” he continued.

He also noted that the caller's ability to report the incident quickly and accurately, as well as his efforts to manage the accident site pending the arrival of the police was instrumental in achieving prompt response, and contributed to maintaining lives and property.

For his part, Corporal Saif Al Bloushi, the program coordinator, stressed the importance of reporting accurate information to the Operations Room, who in turn, will contact the competent authorities and estimate the required number of staff, equipment, and vehicles to be sent to the accident location. “The information received from citizen informants is vital and essential in managing the incident and allowing the timely intervention of the competent authorities,” he said.

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