The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ organized a workshop to discuss the required mechanism to prepare, update and review the strategic plan 2016-2020. The workshop was held by the Strategy and Performance Development General Directorate, under the slogan (Security of the critical infrastructure and enhancing full readiness to handle crises and disasters).

The workshop was inaugurated by Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Director General of Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ who noted that this workshop comes at a time when it is significantly necessary to review, update and develop strategic plans to keep pace with the rapid developments of world events. “It also complements the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ’s methodology and the government’s commitment to continuously spread the strategic concepts across all sectors, which has become a practical reality through the application of the best practices in order to achieve a safe and peaceful life for all individuals residing in the UAE,” he said.

Colonel Faisal Sultan Al Shuaibi, Director of Strategy and Performance Development at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, indicated that the attendees discussed the means to align the strategy of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ with the UAE strategy 2021, the Ministry of Interior’s strategy and the Abu Dhabi plan in the area of security, justice and safety.

Major Bader Nasser Al Nuaimi, Chief of the Strategic Development Section at the Strategy and Performance Development General Directorate, stressed that the workshop focused on the challenges facing the security of the critical infrastructure; means to enhance full readiness to handle crises and disasters; identifying the main challenges in this area based on the attendees’ practical experience and the general observations from the PESTEL analysis, and the information that have been reviewed; and proposing the appropriate  solutions.

The workshop was attended by Brigadier General Ismail Al Serkal, Deputy Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police GHQ the coordinators of strategic goals and strategic planning sections, as well as a large number of officers, non-commissioned officers, civilians and experts.

The workshop witnessed significant interaction from the audience, especially in the hands-on exercises that were conducted.  The workshop was concluded by reviewing the next phase of the strategic planning process.

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