Al Ain Security Inspection Section (K9) recently celebrated the graduation of 15 officers, non-commissioned officers and constables after completing a specialized security training course. The 15-day course was organized by Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with a team of French experts.

Colonel Jamal Juma Habash, Head of the Security Inspection Department at the Directorate General of the Security and Ports Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the course was designed to develop the team's skills and competencies in police and security work fields.

He added: "The French trainers have trained participants on the proper ways of using police sniffer dogs through practical and theoretical applications for sniffer dogs' training for specialized security operations, with a view to enhance the performance and efficiency of police staff members.” Colonel Habash also noted that participants were acquainted during the course with the best police sniffer dogs' training methods in police and security work in all circumstances and at different places, as well as the best and safest means.

At the end of the ceremony, Colonel Habash distributed certificates to the graduates, wishing them luck and success in the performance of their duties. He also honored the French trainers.

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