Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Juveniles Care Center, renewed its call to families on the need to undertake an active role in building their children’s righteous character. It also stressed the importance of encouraging children, refraining from ridiculing their first attempts, and supporting them in case of failure. Furthermore, it called for open discussion on the various topics of interest to children, and to encourage them to extend and develop their knowledge, because such practices positively contribute to encouraging creativity in children.

These remarks will be included in the radio address that will be broadcast live on Wednesday by First Lieutenant Nassib Issa Al Mansouri on behalf of the Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police. It  falls in line with  the ’Security Glances’ Campaign organized by the Radio Branch at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

First Lieutenant Al Mansouri, from the Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police, said that families must provide the convenient and proper environment to raise their children, develop their self-confidence, and encourage them to fend for themselves in some situations. Achieving this goal requires open dialogue and objective discussion, in order to allow children to come up with good ideas and review the different viewpoints, which would ultimately enrich their intellectual, artistic and scientific abilities, and enhance their creative thinking skills. In conclusion, he stressed the importance of promoting positive thinking in children so they become builders of the future.

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