The Police Schools Department at the Directorate General of Human Resources awarded late Muta’red Muhammad Al Afari with the Long Service Medal. The Medal recognizes his efforts and dedication in carrying out his duties during his tenure with the police force until he passed away in October 2014.

During the ceremony held to honor late Al Afari’s family, Lt. Colonel Rasas Salem Rasas Al Ameri, Deputy Head of the Police Schools Department, stressed the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to recognize loyal Emiratis who exerted loyal and diligent efforts to serve their homeland and carry out their duties. He also noted that late Lt. Colonel Al Afari was a highly skilled, dedicated and competent police officer who was adamant on carrying out his duties in the best way possible.

For his part, Salem Mohamed Al Afari, Lt. Colonel Al Afari’s brother, praised the kind and thoughtful gesture of the Abu Dhabi Police by awarding the late officer’s family with the Long Service Medal. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation for the police leadership’s commitment to providing all means of care and assistance to servicemen’s families, in recognition of the officers’ efforts.

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