The ambulance aircraft of the Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing recently carried out six humanitarian missions; where they transferred six people including five UAE nationals to hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

In the first three missions, air ambulance teams transferred three UAE nationals who were suffering from medical conditions, including a 70 and 19 years old males from the Delma Island Hospital to Al Mafraq and Zayed Medical City hospitals, in addition to transferring an eight years old child from Zayed Medical City Hospital to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.

In the other three missions, the air ambulance teams handled 3 cases were people were injured in three separate traffic accidents. The air ambulance transferred UAE nationals and an Asian to Al Tawam Hospital to receive medical care. The first UAE national (29 years old) was injured in a traffic accident in Al Khazna area, the second (24 years old) was injured in a motor bike accident in Nahel area, while a Pakistani man (29 years old) was injured in a car accident in Al Faqa’ area.

The medical teams followed all the necessary medical procedures to ensure the stability of the patients and injured people during the air transfer to the specialized hospitals.

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