Saturday: 30 October 2010:

ADP urges the public to avoid pranks at airports


ADP has urged the public and passengers traveling through Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International Airports to avoid pranks or saying words in a fit of anger, which could jeopardize the security or safety of airports and aircraft. Any such acts or words are incriminated by law and those who do or say them will be held accountable. These irresponsible actions and words may lead to flights delay where bags and passengers should be checked="checked".

Colonel Khamis Musabah Al Marar, Director of ADP Department of Ports and Airports Security Police at the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs said "Such acts and behaviors which affect the security on board or at the airport will be taken very seriously by airlines and the police worldwide. The security bodies deal seriously with such jokes. He warns that police and security personnel deal vey strictly and seriously with such incidents. They will not be allowed to escape punishment as a joke or a prank".

"In some cases a joke may turn into a disaster, especially when all passengers and crew are on air. The real situation of aircraft and airports security indicates that most cases where the aircraft returns to base or does not take off on time is a result of such pranks where a passenger says he has a bomb or he is going to blow up the airplane. This negative and irresponsible behavior will bring the individual involved under investigation, and state of emergency will be declared and that necessary measures will be taken to ensure passengers' safety", added Al Marar.

"Words said by an angry passenger led to two hours delay in take off time. All passengers and their bags were taken from the airplane. All passengers, their baggage and the airplane were checked="checked" thoroughly. All security detection equipments and police dogs were used, in addition to investigations with all passengers", added Al Marar.

Al Marar has affirmed that there are international fixed standards and systems which passengers should not violate, as they are concerned with safety of passengers, which is an element of utmost importance.

Al Marar has referred to an incident at Abu Dhabi International Airport in which a passenger and an employee of reservation desk at the Airport argued about changing the passenger's seat. The passenger became very angry and said he would blow up the aircraft. Security personnel dealt with the situation in a very serious manner, although everyone understood the passenger motives. Therefore, necessary procedures were taken to protect and to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

The Emirates Civil Aviation Law No. 55 clearly stipulates legal action against anyone who intentionally carries out or attempt to carry out and action, in an illegal way, or his accomplice, such as "Conveying false information which jeopardize the safety of a flight".

Al Marar has urged the public to abide by the laws which organize the civil aviation and specify behaviors and conducts. Some people consider such behaviors are jokes but the Civil Aviation Law incriminates them.

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