Wednesday 22 December 2010:


ADP urges parents to ensure the safety of their children


Colonel Mohammad Mayoof Al Kitbi, Director of ADP Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department, has stated that the number of licensed motorbikes in Abu Dhabi Emirate is 6152 of their different types. Colonel (Engineer) Hussain Ahmed Al Harthi, Director of ASDP Directorate of Traffic and patrols said "The number of deaths resulting from motorbike accidents last year was 7 and 16 severe injuries".

Colonel Al Kitbi has indicated the increase in the number of the use of licensed and unlicensed motorbikes. The media campaign launched by ADP GHQ aim is to curb the accidents caused by unlicensed motorbikes, to ensure the safety and security of road users, to reduce traffic accidents and the resulting losses and to promote traffic awareness especially among the youth as they represent the largest category exposed to traffic accidents.

He has warned against the risks of driving unlicensed motorbikes, as safety conditions will not be met, especially those used on sandy roads and in deserts.

"There should be legislations to ensure the safety of motorbike users, especially the quad bikes, necessary technical specifications, regulating their import and use.

"The motor bike which uses two, three or four tyres is a type of vehicles as per the law. The Federal Traffic Law has specified the use of motor bikes for commercial or sports purposes. The age of motor bikes driver is reduced to 17 years plus a medical examination to ensure of their abilities to confront risks resulting from their use", added Al Kitbi.

"Driving unlicensed motorbike without is risky, as the driver has not got proper license, he has no insurance cover and it is difficult to locate the driver in case of accidents because there are no number plates"

"Parents efforts in educating their children on the risks and dangers of driving unlicensed motorbikes are very important. Parents should also monitor their children and should not let them drive such vehicles. There should be a qualified authority to educate and train those who want to drive motorbikes, until a legislation is issued in this regard", added Al Kitbi.

Al Harthi said "Drivers of motorbikes must comply with safety and precaution measures. The injuries caused due to motorbike accidents are more serious than those caused be vehicle accidents by 35 times. He urges motorbike drivers to wear head helmets, motorbike drivers' cloths, motorbike tyres and lights, first aids kit and light reflectors"

He has stressed the importance of strict traffic control on internal and external roads to book violators. Motorbikes should be used in designated places, such as sandy areas away from resident

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