Friday: 16 April 2010:

ADP honors Criminal Evidence partners 


Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hamadi, Director of Forensic Evidence Department of the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs at ADP said "Police Agencies are well supported by the UAE Higher Leadership. All financial and human resources are made available for them protect the nation".

In his speech during the ceremony held recently at the Main Conference Room to honor Forensic Evidence Department partners and customers Colonel Al Hamadi said "The Police Leadership believes that science is one of the strongest tools that enables ADP to have control over crime and to reduce its rates as a permanent strategy".

"Forensic Evidence Department is one of the police forces which uses the technological developments to provide services in criminal areas, to assist judicial authorities in giving fair judgments. The Department is able to deliver services of high quality in accordance with highest global standards. Due to this approach the Department has obtained recognition from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)", added Al Hamadi.

"The Department of Forensic Evidence cooperates with several parties around the world and has signed a number of MOUs with many countries, such as UK, Australia, European and American Universities to train and qualify the Department staff. Currently there are 58 students from ADP pursue their studies in USA, UK and Australia. The Department also communicates with local organizations, such as Food and Environment Control Laboratories, Medicines Control Laboratories, Armed Forces laboratories in addition to Police Departments Laboratories", said Al Hamadi.

The Department communicates with different partners who benefit from the Department services, such as Justice Authorities, Suppliers who provide scientific devices, Chemical and Photography Services and Standardization Centers. A documentary showing the Sections and Branches of the Department, and their tasks and duties was shown during the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony Colonel Al Hamadi gave away certificates of appreciation and gifts to partners and customers representatives. A number of officers and experts were honored as well.

Honored agencies included Dubai Police, RAK Police, Al Fujairah and Sharjah Police Laboratories. Ministries, local Departments, civilian and judicial organizations and hospitals were also among the honored institutions. Some ADP Departments, Companies working in technical, medical and technological devices were also honored.

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