The Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department at Abu Dhabi Police hosted a ceremony to honor staff members who have reached the mandatory retirement age, in recognition of their efforts to improve work and provide services to the public throughout their tenure.

Brigadier Mohamed Mayouf Al Ketbi said: “This accolade aims to recognize the valuable role played by the honorees and their distinguished efficiency, competence and productivity during their long years of service.” He also highlighted the Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy to recognize the efforts of retired staff members, who have worked diligently to the best of their ability to maintain the continuity of services provided to customers by the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department at Abu Dhabi Police.

The honorees expressed their appreciation for this kind gesture by Abu Dhabi Police and their pride for this recognition.

Towards the end of the ceremony, which was attended by a number of officers, Brigadier Al Ketbi distributed appreciation certificates and gifts to the honored staff members in recognition of their diligent efforts and dedication in the service of police work.

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