The K9 Security Inspection Department presented a police dog show at the Abu Dhabi Pet Show in Yas Island last Friday. The participation embodies the keenness of the Abu Dhabi Police to promote communication with society.

Colonel Jamal Habash, Head of the K9 Security Inspection Department said that this participation aims to introduce the public to the various fields of policing and security work, especially in relation to maintaining the safety and security of citizens and residents.

Lt. Hamad Mubarak Al Azizi, Head of the Department and Executive Director of Emirates Dog Breeders Society, said that the K9 Security Inspection Department exhibition included posters explaining the work of police dogs, and pictures highlighting the department’s local and international participation and the activities of the search and rescue team.

The participation included a competition of special dog breeds and entertainment shows for the public. A number of companies showcased dog food products. The Emirates Dog Breeders Society participated with an exhibition, which included pictures and a detailed explanation about the Society and its role and goals to care for dogs and their breeds, as well as guiding and elevating public awareness in regards to raising and caring for dogs. Gifts were presented to all those who attended the pet show.

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