The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, has prepared a comprehensive traffic plan to celebrate the 43rd National Day under the theme: “Let’s Celebrate the Spirit of the Union without Violations”. This allows the celebration on this national occasion to be in a befitting manner that is suitable for the level of the UAE’s modernity, development, respect of the law, and keenness for public safety.

Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, stated that the plan includes intensifying police patrols and Traffic Investigation’s civilian patrols on the various roads of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region. Radars will be used to monitor and capture any traffic violations, and car decorations will be regulated in order to prevent any uncivilized behaviors, chaos, or nuisance on the roads – which does not honor the spirit of the union.

“The directorate has set the criteria for car decorations during the celebrations of the National Day, commencing on the 22nd of November and concluding on the 6th of December. These criteria will be published via all media outlets within the coming days, and the awareness campaign will be intensified through the media in order to urge motorists to adhere to both the traffic laws and the decoration regulations,” he said.

Brigadier Al Harithi called upon all sectors of society to promote the efforts for preventing the negative behaviors conducted by some of the youth. These negative behaviors result in breaking traffic laws, reckless driving, or using sprays during the National Day celebrations. He pointed out that the directorate will implement Article “1” of the Traffic Law in regards to reckless driving that endangers others. Violators will have their vehicle impounded for one month and will receive a 2000 Dhs fine with 12 black traffic points.

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