The Forensic Evidence Department at the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs at the Abu Dhabi Police qualified a number of experts and technicians from the Technical Section of the department in the field of acoustic analysis and voice recognition during the constituent session for the Criminal Acoustic Analysis Systems. The course was held over the course of two weeks at the department’s headquarters.

According to Colonel Hassan Al Hosani, Deputy Director of the Forensic Evidence Department, “The course organized by the Forensic Evidence Department is one of the strategic initiatives of the department, and will be followed by complementary stages that will efficiently contribute to support the skills of employees and increase performance efficiencies.”

Major Saleh Abubaker Al Tahboush, Head of the Technical Section, explained that during the next phase, the technical work in the section will witness the creation of new technical testing in the field of audio and visual analysis.  Some of these tests will include voice filtering and analysis, voice recognition and acoustic comparison, and the establishment of a voice recognition database.

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