The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Clubs Department, observed the Arab Orphans Day which is recognized annually on the first Friday of April. The occasion was marked at the Abu Dhabi Police Officers Club in collaboration with the Red Crescent Authority.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of the Cultural and Social Activities Section at the Clubs Department, said: “The Abu Dhabi Police are committed to participating in community events, to providing care for orphans, and to helping these children overcome the plight of being deprived of the love, compassion, and warmth that parents provide.” He continued by highlighting that the participation of the police “comes as a translation of the guidance provided by our religion and of the directives from the higher leadership to become more actively engaged with community members, especially with those who are disabled or orphans.”

Moreover, Colonel Al Shamesi noted that the notion of allocating a day to recognize the orphans in the Arab world and to revive this observance annually is both good and desirable – “but in order for this day to reach its full potential, this precious category must be in the hearts of every official, every member of the public, and every media outlet.”  

A myriad of activities were organized to not only mark the occasion but to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of the children. The K9 Security Inspection Department performed outstanding sniffer dog shows, and a number of female students presented a theatrical traditional concert. Upon conclusion of the event, the Clubs Department at Abu Dhabi Police honored the participating children and gave them certificates and commemorative gifts.

The event was attended by a number of officers, civilians, representatives from the Red Crescent Authority, and a large crowd of children.
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