Marking the World Drug Day, the Abu Dhabi Police launched its activities under the slogan ‘They Fooled Me’. As part of the activities, the Anti-Drug Section of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) organized an exhibition at the Dalma Mall, Musaffah, which will continue until June 27. 

The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ called upon the public to attend these awareness exhibitions provided by police departments and others participating entities, with a view to raise awareness on risks of drug use and abuse and educate attendees on the proper ways to protect children against this dangerous scourge.

As part of this campaign, the Al Ain Police Directorate also started a number of activities at the Bawadi Mall. Brigadier Hamad Ajlan Al Amimi, Director of the Al Ain Police Directorate, stressed the unwavering and diligent efforts made by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, to curb  drug abuse and its risks. “Drugs cause brain damage and can lead to death. To this end, we endeavor to organize intensive campaigns every year, in order to raise awareness of all society segments; males or females of all age groups,” he explained. 

Brigadier Al Amimi said: “Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior posted on his Twitter account ‘Drug abuse is a scourge that ruins Lives.’ This tweet clearly expresses the danger of drugs and their overall hazards to the well-being of our youth.” Brigadier Al Amimi called upon all entities, authorities and institutions to join efforts with the Abu Dhabi police to fight drug use and abuse in the community. 

“Joining forces with individuals and institutions in the city, the Al Ain Police Directorate has carried out extensive campaigns to raise awareness on drug abuse, which focus primarily on parents, urging them to keep an eye on their children so that they do not fall prey to this nefarious scourge,” Brigadier Al Amimi added. 

Brigadier Al Aimimi called upon the public to report any drug-related cases and cooperate with police forces to arrest drug dealers, whose actions have a devastating impact on the health and safety of the community. 

In Abu Dhabi, Colonel Sultan Al Darmaki, Chief of the Anti-Drug Section at the Abu Dhabi Police toured the exhibition’s various pavilions; accompanied by Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director General of the Abu Dhabi General Administration of Customs, at the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance; and a number of officials and officers. 

Colonel Al Darmaki stressed the importance of awareness programs carried out by the MoI, the police and other entities, in the fight against drugs. He also praised the positive impact of such programs on individuals and the society.

Colonel Al Darmaki called for cooperation and concerted efforts among institutions and the various segments of society, in order to protect the youth from this devastating scourge. He also highlighted the role of the family in protecting children against bad companions and filling their leisure time with purposeful and useful activities.

Participants in the exhibition include a number of departments, namely; Security Inspection; Correctional and Punitive Establishments; Medical Services; Community Police; Social Support Centers; Emergency and Public Safety; Traffic and Patrols Directorate; Anti-Drug Section; Abu Dhabi Police’s Tourism Police Section; 999 Magazine; National Rehabilitation Centre; Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC); Customs Administration; and Emirates Red Crescent. 

The participating entities are distributing awareness booklets to members of the public, warning them against drug use and abuse, their causes and  psychological, social, health and economic impacts; as well as advice to families and parents. Visitors to the exhibition also received token gifts. The event also features a purposeful social theatre play titled My Family; My Happiness.

In Al Ain, the activities include an awareness raising exhibition and contests in the morning and evening at Bawadi Mall. Participants at the activities, which continue until next Thursday, include the Customs Operations Department; Al Ain University of Science and Technology; Naturalization and Residency Department; Punitive and Correctional Establishments; Social Support Centre; Al Murabba Police Station; Anti-Drug Branch; and the National Rehabilitation Centre. 

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