The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Operation Room at the Operations Department, launched a social initiative aiming to honor people who contact the Operation Room (999) to report the emergency situations that are classified as very serious. This initiative recognizes the social responsibility of the callers that has contributed to the speed of responses and intervention at the time of accidents. 

This initiative coincides with the vacations, holidays and official events in the country, which include religious, national, security and social celebrations. In its sixth session, the initiative will identify and honor the collaborators and informants from the important cases during the period of 20 July until after Eid Al-Fitr.

First Lieutenant Fahed Al Dahmani, Secretary of the Office of the Department of Operations Head and supervisor of the initiative, said, “This social initiative aims to encourage the public to report any emergencies that require quick responses. These can be in regards to traffic, criminal or medical emergencies, or any communication that falls within the jurisdiction of the civil defense forces across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

First Lieutenant Al Dahmani added, “Notably, chosen candidates can choose the date and time to be honored in-person. This can be in front of their families at home, or in front of their colleagues at work. Candidates are determined by a performance based analysis on certain criteria within the police model that has been set for this objective. This initiative, which is carried out by the Operations Department of the Abu Dhabi Police, aims to gain public trust, create a generation that is aware of the police culture, and to encourage people to cooperate with the authorities who are keen to maintain security and safety within the community.”

Furthermore, First Lieutenant Al Dahmani explained, “This initiative contributes to the community’s awareness of the role of the Operation Room and how it is not limited to emergency calls only.  It introduces people to the different types of calls accepted and encourages the community to inform the Operation Room of any accidents or incidents. The campaign also highlights the importance of the role that individuals play in facilitating quick responses to contain incidents. 

The characteristics of a correct call require the need to define whether it is a criminal, traffic, medical or civil defense emergency. It also requires the identification of the potential hazards to anyone involved with or near the surrounding areas of the emergency site.  Callers should be able to provide an accurate location and cite nearby landmarks. The names and phone numbers of the callers need to be mentioned, and their cooperation when authorities arrive at the scene is highly appreciated.”

Describing the callers, Al Dahmani said, “Callers need to be quick-thinking and supply the location of the accident as accurately as they can, without taking any risks or sacrifices, and should cooperate with authorities. When a person calls the operation room, they should relay only the important information quickly and comprehensively, avoiding secondary and unnecessary notes. They should not be nervous and they should wait until police and civil defense patrols arrive at the scene so they can provide all of the details before leaving the location.”

First Lieutenant Al Dahmani pointed out that the delivery of the correct information to the Operation Room is essential to identifying which authorities need to be involved, as well as how many personnel and equipment mechanisms are required at the scene. Based on the type and scope of the emergency call, the authorities will be better equipped to control accidents, preserve crime scenes, and carry out their necessary duties. 

Highlighting the criteria of evaluating the caller, Al Dahmani said, “The caller should not be part of the accident and should contact the Operation Room quickly and deliver information clearly. The caller should help control the scene prior to the arrival of the police patrols and cooperate with concerned authorities by providing all necessary details. We also look into the measures taken by the caller before and after the call, and whether they have provided any possible or proper help to the affected people, without taking any risks.”
It is worth mentioning that the Operations Department at the Abu Dhabi Police had previously honored informants who have contacted the Operation Room (999). This recognition is a part of the effort to enhance communication and cooperation with the community and embodies the strategy and social responsibility of the Abu Dhabi Police in gaining the public’s trust.

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