The Abu Dhabi Police Juveniles Care Center recently launched the “Good Role Model” initiative aimed at instilling moral and educational values in juveniles. The initiative is being implemented by the Center through hosting some of the leading figures that have several influential and effective contributions in the UAE’s social life.

Colonel Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Bu Hindi, Director of Al Mafraq Juveniles Care Center at Abu Dhabi Police indicated that the initiative aims to allow juveniles to benefit from the experiences of “good role models”, who showcase both their personal and professional experiences and successes and discuss their career with the participation of the center’s juveniles’ parents.

Furthermore, and within the activities of the holy month of Ramadan, the Center also organized the Ramadan Football Tournament at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The tournament included an exceptional and comprehensive set of programs and was attended by a large number of officials, staff members, and juveniles’ parents. In addition to the sports events, the Ramadan program also included activities aimed at rehabilitating juveniles psychologically and socially.

Colonel Bu Hindi emphasized the importance of sports activities and their role in reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression; besides its significant role in increasing physical energy particularly at this stage of life. He also pointed out that the rehabilitation activities included several psychological and social programs, as well as programs related to customs and traditions during the holy month, where children have learned the habits that must be observed during this auspicious month. “The Center also organized a program about health and nutrition; notably the physical and psychological health benefits of fasting during Ramadan. It also organized several recreational programs that have created an appreciated change in the daily lifestyle of juveniles, especially the religious activities that included memorization of the Qur'an, religious stories and various lectures,” he concluded.

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