Abu Dhabi Police succeeded in foiling a fraudulent attempt to sell fake 100,000 Kuwaiti Dinars of uncirculated 2000 Dinars notes. The fake notes were in the possession of a gang of five people, including a general manager of a medical clinic, and they tried to sell the fake notes for AED 1.2 million.

Describing the details of the incident, Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that the Department succeeded in arresting the suspects involved in the attempt, including a father and his son of British nationality. He noted that the arrest came after a professional and proactive ambush executed by the members of the Organized Crime Section at the CID.

“Late last month, the CID department received confirmed tip-off about an individual who has in his possession fake 100,000 Kuwaiti Dinars that he intended to sell as circulated notes to any buyer for the best market price. The suspect specifically asked for a sum of AED 1.2 million for the notes,” explained Borshid. Moreover, he noted that the suspect availed of latest technological developments in counterfeiting, targeting people who lack experience in currencies or banknotes.

Additionally, the Head of the CID said that the Department contacted the seller through an undercover source, and agreed with him to buy the fake Kuwaiti Dinars for the highest price. “The suspect came to the agreed location at the specified time along with other four individuals, and they found themselves in the hands of the police.” Borshid added that the CID members moved to the suspects’ residence where they seized various equipment and papers with fake banknotes printed on them, in addition to thousands of currencies for Gulf, Arab, US, Asian and African countries.

Colonel Borshid said that the five suspects are identified as A.R. (64 years) and his son D.R. (37 years) of British nationality, who entered the country on a visit visa, in addition to another three suspects of Indian nationality namely B.S. (36 years), a general manager at a medical clinic; M. H. (56 years), the head of marketing at a perfume company; and T.K. a household appliance salesman.

He said that during interrogation, some of the suspects admitted their involvement in the incident in exchange for a certain percentage, while others claimed that the fake notes do not belong to them and they were not aware that they were fake. “All of the suspects were referred to the public prosecution, along with the seized items for further investigations,” noted Borshid.

The Head of the CID stressed that distributing fake currencies threatens the economic security and stability of individuals and institutions as they harm the resources and achievements of the country, saying that such actions negatively affect the confidence in currencies.” Moreover, Colonel Borshid emphasized the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to protect the interests and security of the society, and protect the public from any criminal activities that threaten their livelihoods or their savings. He said that these efforts are based on the Ministry of Interior’s strategy aimed at enhancing the sense of security, safety and the fight against crime. He additionally urged the public to never hesitate in reporting any suspicious activities, so that the police can fully protect them against any potential threats.

It is worth mentioning that the CID had additionally succeeded in foiling a number of attempts to distribute fake notes over the past years, the most important of which is the distribution of fake USD 14 million in an operation called “Storm of Black Dollars.”
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