At a workshop organized by the Employees Affairs Department at the Forensic Evidence Department’s hall, the Abu Dhabi Police discussed a project to develop the Online Patient Escort Program. 

Speaking at the workshop, Captain Salem Mohsen Al Mansouri, Chief of Leaves and Penalties Section in the Employees Affairs Department, said: “The new system, which will be activated next July, will minimize the steps of the process by 50%. It will also decrease response time and reduce pressure in the Leaves and Penalties Section by 60%.”

Al Mansouri explained the steps after receiving approval from the general directorates regarding the Online Patient Escort Leaves, adding: “We will prepare guidelines for the new system and will circulate them to each department.”

Al Mansouri delivered a presentation explaining the steps to obtain Online Patient Escort Leaves, which will be based upon humanitarian conditions and the interest of the work at the same time.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Captain Al Mansouri answered the questions of the audience regarding the execution of the new system. Support services sections’ chiefs and specialized employees from different departments attended the workshop. 

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