The Cultural and Social Activities Section at the Clubs Department at Abu Dhabi Police concluded the swimming course for the sons of officers working for the Ministry of Interior and Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. The month-long program was organized in cooperation with the Sports Activities Section at the Strategy and Performance Development Department at Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and took place at the swimming pool at the Abu Dhabi Police Officer’s Club with the participation of eighty-two sons of officers.

Colonel Saif Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of the Cultural and Social Activity Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Clubs and Sports Activities Department, indicated that swimming is a useful whole-body exercise that is important to gain a healthy body since it improves strength and provides enjoyment and comfort to the soul. He pointed out that the course was carried out under the supervision of swimming professionals who provided the participants with the correct swimming techniques and shared their experiences both theoretically and practically.

Moreover, he noted that teaching youngsters to swim contributes to developing  their skills  and enhancing their health awareness; starting with daily practices to establishing proper healthy habits, to achieving the right balance and instilling venerable social values such as chivalry  and bravery.

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