The Department of Community Police at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Community Police Section at the Peripheral Regions Directorate, launched an awareness-raising initiative for labor supervisors of companies. The initiative, which is organized in collaboration with Khalifa Police Station at the Peripheral Regions Police Directorate and the Ministry of Labor, falls in line with the communication initiative with partners and civil society institutions.

Major Abdullah Al Harthi, Chief of the Community Police Section at the Peripheral Regions Directorate, explained that the initiative, which is implemented by the Community Police Branch at Khalifa Police Station, includes labor supervisors of various institutions and companies, to boost awareness about the proper communication methods between supervisors and laborers. He said: “A number of lecturers from the Ministry of Labor will be taking part in the initiative and will deliver a set of lectures targeting 450 labor supervisors in institutions and companies in Bani Yas, Al Musaffah and Al Rahba.”

In his lecture, Major Al Harthi highlighted the proper ways to handle laborers’ problems. He also provided an array of guidelines to enable labor camp supervisors to identify laborers’ needs, enhance amity between them, and create an appropriate environment conducive to work and productivity governed by harmony and cohesion. In conclusion, he gave an overview of the Community Police’s role in promoting awareness and education, and its various methodologies aimed at solving societal issues.

The Ministry of Labor stressed the importance of a country’s respect for human rights, especially the working classes. It also called for supporting laborers and respecting their financial and human rights, in addition to abiding by UAE labor laws, especially pertaining to the midday break rule.

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