The “Aman” Service from Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters called upon the public to counter negative behaviors in response to the “Together… Against Begging” Campaign that aims to counter the scourge of begging, in addition to the “Your Safety” Campaign that aims to limit the use and promotion of Fireworks. Both campaigns were launched by Abu Dhabi Police to warn the public against the negative behaviors during the Holy month of Ramadan and Eid period.

Major Dr. Hassan Juma’a bin Hamid Al Zaabi, Information and Observation Center Manager at the Federal Security Information Department asserted that all information that the “Aman” Service receives through telephone and electronically are handled with confidentiality. Public can contact the service to report various aspects of negative behaviors and scourges, especially begging and fireworks use and promotion.

He also explained that the “Aman” Service receives confidential information (of security, social, or traffic natures) in Arabic, English, and Urdu all day long. People can contact the service by calling the toll free number: 8002626, sending an SMS to 2828, or sending an e-mail to: (

“It is now possible to confidentially pass on same information through the e-services platform that the MoI has recently launched on all brands of smartphones,” Major Dr. Al Zaabi said. “This platform features direct contact to competent authorities in order to simplify the police services processes to the public by providing them through a ‘single click’ on smart applications after downloading them.”

He also indicated that after receiving the information by the competent authorities in police departments and sections, the authorities follow up with the cases and deal with them accordingly. Additionally, he pointed out that confidential information help in limiting law breaching cases and arresting those involved with different crimes.

It is worth mentioning that the Police Operation Room (999) receives and deals directly with all kinds of telephone reports. It is also possible to confidentially pass on information to the “Aman” Service if the begging cases were repeated in a given area, or someone was repeatedly involved with begging.

Clarifying the objective of the “Aman” Service, Major Dr. Al Zaabi mentioned that it fosters the community’s confidence and satisfaction with police performance at all times and situations. This service supports the efforts of achieving excellence and best quality standards of institutional performance and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, he also called upon the public to cooperate in fighting all negative behaviors by participating in awareness campaigns. He also stressed that the police efforts cannot be complete without the active participation of the community as it is the first defense line against all negative aspects and scourges, including begging and fireworks use and promotion.

Concluding, Major Dr. Al Zaabi explained that the awareness campaigns and initiatives that Abu Dhabi Police organizes play an active role in promoting public awareness about safety and prevention requirements. He also evaluated the cooperation and involvement of the public with the modern methods that Abu Dhabi Police applies in response to the police leadership’s directives of doubling the efforts through hard, excellent, and creative work.

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