The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Tourism Police Section, advised all beachgoers, especially tourists, to carry their identification cards with them at all times to maintain security and stability and to improve services provided by the Tourism Police Section.

“Identification should be carried at all times and produced to security officers upon request,” stressed Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

He added that going to the beaches is not an excuse to refrain from carrying personal identification card. “Everyone in Abu Dhabi is required to have their identification card with them at all times and produce it to police officers upon request according to law,” concluded Colonel Borshid.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Muzeed Al Otaibi, Chief of the Tourism Police Section, highlighted the main tasks undertaken by the section affiliated with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), to enhance tourism security in Abu Dhabi. “The section strives to improve security services offered to tourists and beachgoers, with a view to provide them with all means of comfort. This would enhance the sense of tranquility to maintain security of the community, enhance public confidence in the police and make Abu Dhabi a safe tourist environment,” indicated Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi also noted that the Tourism Police Section is circulating  behavioral guides in different languages, highlighting the UAE laws and regulations that tourists must observe, such as the need to carry  identification cards, respect local customs and traditions. “The behavioral guides also advised tourists against indulging in uncivilized and inappropriate behavior, and urged them to respect the feelings of families and beachgoers,” said Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi called on individuals wishing to benefit from the Tourism Police Section’s services or make useful proposals and complaints, to communicate with staff members trained and qualified in all fields. He also encouraged them to visit the section’s website ( ), contact the Aman service on the toll-free phone number (8002626) or call the Operations Room on (999). “This initiative aims to create an adequate tourism environment and to raise the level of culture of tourists and acquaint them with the country’s traditions and customs, and promote the concepts of tourism in Abu Dhabi,” concluded Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi.

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