Abu Dhabi Police GHQ obtained the Middle East Future Leaders Excellence Award at the grand annual award ceremony held by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute at the Burj El Arab Hotel in Dubai. This award represents a new addition to the myriad outstanding achievements made by the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. It also reflects a far-sighted vision aimed at inculcating the foundations and principles of leadership and supporting modern strategic and leadership thinking. The award also aims to honor the distinguished work of governmental institutions, which supports the development and qualification of national leaders to participate in building the future of the UAE. Moreover, it embodies the Government's firm belief in the role of modern leaders in building the modern organizational performance system and applying the latest leadership practices in the management of organizational performance and modern knowledge economy, to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of global competitiveness. 

Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, Head of the Education Department at the Directorate General of Human Resources won the Middle East Future Leaders Excellence Award in the field of education. It is worth mentioning that this award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of organizational excellence.

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