The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Capital Police Directorate at the General Directorate of Police Operations, has achieved a rate of 93.3% in public confidence in 2013. The results were obtained via a satisfaction survey conducted by the Planning and Studies Branch and reflect the various society segments' confidence in Abu Dhabi Police and its strategic goals of providing security and combating crime.

Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the increased public confidence in Abu Dhabi Police reflects the commitment and attention of Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, to achieve the highest rates of public confidence.

Major General Al Menhali also praised the Abu Dhabi Police’s ongoing commitment to provide the best services, in line with its vision to ensure that Abu Dhabi remains a society that enjoys safety and security, by providing high quality police services to citizens, residents and visitors of the emirate. He also highlighted the Abu Dhabi Police’s mission to work diligently to achieve a secure society, to maintain stability, reduce crime rates and achieve justice for all, so as to enhance public confidence in the police. He also explained that the survey's results contribute to further efforts to provide society with the best police services.

Additionally, Major General Al Menhali reiterated the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to execute the higher leadership’s directives, which call for achieving efficient communication between police and society. This would help enhance  public confidence and reassurance; encourage  crime prevention efforts and commitment to collect the public’s suggestions and opinions;  support efforts to overcome  obstacles; provide quality services and developmental projects; in addition to provide police services to citizens  and all community members, in a way that aligns with  the general strategy of Abu Dhabi Police.

For his part, Brigadier Maktoum Al Shareefi, Director of the Capital Police Directorate, said: "These results motivate us to exert additional efforts to maintain the levels of excellence and leadership that we have achieved in the police and security work. This would contribute to enhance safety and security for all society segments and upgrade work quality as per the best advanced international standards."

Brigadier Al Shareefi also stressed that the survey included all segments and nationalities of the Abu Dhabi society, based on scientific methods, with a view to advance police work to better levels. The survey aimed to assess community members’ satisfaction with the services offered by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters and the Capital Police Directorate.

"The survey was conducted  based on the methodology adopted by Abu Dhabi Police, in terms of the survey template and the  sample size (which included 1150 individuals)  categorized according to the population number and characteristics ( gender and nationality)," added Brigadier Al Shareefi. "The survey featured five main topics, namely; public satisfaction with Abu Dhabi Police; overall impression compared with last year; public confidence in Abu Dhabi Police; public satisfaction with  staff members’ good conduct, appearance, transparency and quick response. The fifth and key topic was the public’s sense of security, which amounted to 93.3%;  the highest among international rates compared to a  number of world capitals, based on benchmarking indicators."

Brigadier Al Shareefi explained that this rate is almost similar to the results of the survey conducted by Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters for 2013, to  measure the public sense of security and safety, which amounted to 93%. The survey was conducted by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research as a neutral party to ensure transparency.

The survey included a total sample of 1150 community members; (Emiratis 20%; Arabs 33%; Asians 40%; and Westerners 7%). Males accounted for 74% of the survey sample, while females accounted for 26%, based on the population number in the Capital Police’s area of jurisdiction in Abu Dhabi Island.

The survey focused on five main topics, namely; public satisfaction with Abu Dhabi Police which amounted to 91%; overall public impression of Abu Dhabi Police, compared to last year, which amounted to 94.4%; public confidence in Abu Dhabi Police, which amounted to 90.6%; quick response, which amounted to 90.2%; general sense of security, which amounted to 95.3%; and the sense of security in the streets in late hours of the night, which amounted to 91.8%.

According to the Benchmarking Center at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, public confidence rates in the areas located in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi Island, under the jurisdiction  of the Capital Police Directorate, are higher than most of the world capitals, in terms of the sense of security, safety, and quick response.

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