The Human Resources Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior recently celebrated the graduation of 56 officers from the various police general headquarters across the UAE and the Ministry of Interior’s departments after completing the Intermediate Leadership Course No. 54 and the Senior Leadership Course No. 76 at the Officers Training Institute at the Police College.

In his speech at the ceremony, Brigadier Ali Mohammed bin Darwish, Director General of Human Resources at the Ministry of Interior, stressed the Police leadership’s keen interest to qualifying human cadres who are the pillars of development and progress.  He noted that the information and knowledge they acquire at these courses contribute to developing their sense of constant self-improvement for the service of their country and their institution. He wished them success and luck in their careers and urged them to double the efforts in order to improve police work and maintain the ministry’s gains.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Colonel Dr. Ahmad Ali Alkhzimi, Director of the Officers’ Training Institute at the Ministry of Interior, along with a number of officers at the Institute.

Lt. Colonel Omran Al Hameli delivered a speech on behalf of the Director of the Officers Training Institute, by which he said: “In pursuance of the directives issued by the police leadership, the Leadership Courses have undergone a remarkable development in the areas of knowledge and skills by replacing scientific research with a work report based on the strategic thinking skills. This would enable staff members to examine the problems they face and to formulate their submitted proposals based on scientific basis”. He explained that the participants in both courses have submitted distinguished and praiseworthy reports; and have gained the necessary knowledge and various skills that would prepare them for the requirements of their new careers. “This extensive knowledge that the participants have acquired will also help them to keep abreast of the latest developments; according to the Institute’s modern methodology that supports the transition to smart training at the ministry, in its quest to attain the highest standards, on par with the best police organizations,” he continued.

Concluding his speech, he called upon the graduates to utilize their abilities and double the efforts to show gratitude to this generous country and to its leadership that considers them as the real wealth. Moreover, he extended his thanks to all those who contributed to the implementation of the two courses; especially the Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Interior and to all of the lecturers, supervisors, and coordinators who have enriched the graduate officers’ knowledge.

For his part, Major Rashid Ahmed Al Obad delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates, by which he thanked the Officers Training Institute for the unwavering efforts exerted to boost the knowledge and skills of the two courses’ graduates with high-end academic and training programs in various disciplines; commensurate with the requirements of police work and out of the firm belief in the need for ongoing modernization of thoughts and skills in order upgrade security and police performance.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Brigadier Ali Mohammed bin Darwish, accompanied by Colonel Dr. Ahmad Ali Alkhzimi distributed the certificates and commemorative gifts to the top achievers and graduates.

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