The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by Traffic and Patrols Directorate, is implementing a set of comprehensive awareness programs, as part of the “For Your Safety, Adhere to Traffic Rules” campaign, which was launched by the Ministry of Interior. The campaign will continue for three months at the various traffic departments across the UAE. It aims to enhance traffic education among drivers and encourage them to abide by traffic laws, as part of the efforts to make roads safer.

According to Lt. Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section in the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, “The Ramadan awareness program includes establishing 25 traffic awareness venues at shopping malls, gas stations, and mosques in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region, in coordination with Saaed Society to Reduce Traffic Accidents. Through these venues, the awareness teams will be able to communicate directly with the public after the evening prayer, distribute awareness publications, and answer their queries.  
The program also includes distribution of Iftar meals to fasting motorists at all intersections across Abu Dhabi. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with Al Ihsan Charity Association and Saaed Society to Reduce Traffic Accidents, with a view to promote traffic safety and avoid the Ramadan rush hour particularly before Iftar when drivers tend to increase their speed as they try to reach their homes.  

Lt. Colonel Al Ameri called on motorist to reduce speed, and advised the drivers to adhere to traffic lights. He also called upon them to be cautious, use seatbelts, avoid using mobile phones while driving, and maintain safe distance between vehicles.  He also warned motorists against randomly and recklessly parking vehicles in front of mosques during the Taraweeh Prayers, which would cause traffic jams and impede traffic flow; such behaviors contradict the spiritual meaning of this holy month,” he said.

In conclusion, Lt. Colonel Al Ameri stressed the need to avoid blocking entrances or other vehicles by parking directly behind them.  He also urged community members to follow the instructions of traffic policemen, especially in front of malls and crowded commercial areas that witness high density of traffic.

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