The Office of the Secretary of State for Youth Affairs announced the selection of Lieutenant Engineer Ahmed Jassim Al Marzouqi, one of the scholars of the Abu Dhabi police GHQ, as President of the World Council of the Emirates Youth in the United States of America, which was formed by the Emirates Council for Youth in cooperation with the State Embassy in Washington.

The "World Council " Membership includes 10 Emirati students studying at United States universities, including 6 members of scholarship students, and (4) Student scholarship students, in order to promote the participation of young people outside the country in the service of their community, the representation of the state worldwide, and the interaction With scholarship students, to be a link with Emirati youth and an interactive platform to share knowledge and experience.
In a letter to the Abu Dhabi Police, the office expressed pride and pride in this nomination, explaining that the world councils of Emirati youth aim to enhance the participation of the Emirati scholar through the establishment of a representative platform for all UAE youth Scholarship under the supervision and management of UAE embassies and manage (e) Youth councils of the Office of the Secretary of State for Youth affairs.
The councils are interested in activating the role of youth, listening to their voices, harnessing their talents in the service of youth, the vision of the United Arab Emirates 2021 and the national youth agenda through the implementation of the Council's programs, policies and plans.
al Marzouki thanked and acknowledged the rational leadership for her attention and care of the countrymen, and provide all means of support to equip them with science and empower them to serve their beloved homeland, noting that he completes the doctoral study in the specialization of organizational leadership, at the University of Berberline, Los Angeles County in the state of California, in the United States of America, the doctoral thesis revolves around effective leadership in the era of artificial intelligence and modern techniques.
al Marzouki stressed the keenness to represent the country in an honorable manner befitting the reputation and prestige of the United Arab Emirates, and thanked the general leadership of Abu Dhabi police for its sponsorship and continued support to its members in various fields
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