Tuesday 23 March 2010 


A German delegation reviews
 the tasks of ADP Security Guard Department


A delegation from German Police force has paid a visit to the Directorate general of Security Guard at Abu Dhabi Police, as part of a three-day tour. The delegation was received by Brigadier Faris Khalifa Al Farsi, Director general of Security guard and Special Tasks, a number of officers and Directors of Departments.

The delegation listened to a brief on the organizational structure of the Directorate, tasks of its Departments and its strategy. The visiting delegation briefed ADP officers on the tasks of the Special German Division (GSG9), foreign participations, deployment of tasks, terms and conditions of joining it and type of training that its personnel receive.

The delegation visited (Q7) department. They were received by Colonel Mubarak Abdullah Al Miheiri, Director of the Department. They reviewed its organizational structure, tasks and duties and field training of its personnel, weapons and equipment they use in different tasks.

During their tour they also visited the Special tasks department, where they were received by Colonel Rashid Suhail, Director of the Department. They acquainted themselves with its tasks and duties though a demonstration showing training, riot control and VIP protection by use of advanced equipment and devices.

They paid a visit to the Department of government and Diplomatic establishments Protection as well. They reviewed its organizational structure, tasks and duties.

At the end of the visit the delegation lauded the services delivered by the Directorate General of Security Guards and Special Tasks and all its Departments. They expressed their hope to have exchanged visits and joint cooperation continued, especially training aspects.

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