90 pc people trust Police
 A Public opinion poll conducted by the emirates center for strategic studies and research ECSSR shows that people place a great deal of trust in the Capital Police.
The survey was conducted by the research team from ECSSR, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police between March 18 and April 30. It covered the whole of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and included 1200 samples representing both the UAE nationals and the expatriates from different countries.
The survey focused on what the people expects from the police, what kind of strategies to be adopted for the future, in addition to the level of satisfaction of the participant with the performance of the police.
The result showed that 93.2 percent view the performance of the Abu Dhabi Police as very good or good, while 90 percent said they trusted the police which are relatively high percentage compared to police in UK, Newsland and Russia.
In other categories 97.7 percent said they felt highly secure, while 82.4 percent said that the police was able to find quick solutions to problems.
Commending on the outcome of the poll, LT.Gen. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, the Minister of Interior, expressed satisfaction with the result of the poll. He also highlighted the importance of using latest scientific methods in conducting such surveys in order to gauge the needs of the society.
Dr. Jamal Sanand al Suwaidi, director of ECSSR said, public opinion polls were among the effective tools used to promote public interaction and participation in decision making.
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