9,150 illegals caught while trying to re-enter country



A total of 9,150 people were caught trying to enter the country illegally over a twenty-month period as the electronic database of their iris record revealed their true identities.


According to Lt. Col. Ahemed Nassir Al Raisi, director of IT department, which was responsible for implementing the project, UAE is the only country to have such a large iris scanning net work.


The number of daily scans nation wide reached an average of 6,050,while about 20people trying to re-enter the country are being exposed.


He also said that the scan system introduced have succeeded in putting an end to all the tricks used by the people to re-enter the country by forging their passports and other identity data’s.


The iris remains unchanged through out the life, thus data from the scanned images cannot be manipulated. Also there are no two people, even twins, with same iris, that is why in terms of genetic data, it is considered better and easier than DNA tests added Al Raisi.





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