7 killed in 105 accidents last month
Seven people, including three UAE nationals, were killed and 162 injured in 105 accidents reported in Abu Dhabi and its surroundings in June, a senior police officer has disclosed.
Lt.-Colonel Khamis Ishaq, Deputy Director of Traffic and Patrols Department, Abu Dhabi Police, said that of the total 162 injuries, 104 were light, 11 were serious, and 47 were moderate.
“Nationals affected by these accidents were 50, of whom 3 were fatal. Two of the 57 Asians involved in these accidents were killed. Only one Arab national lost his life in accidents which affected 39 Arabs,” he said.
Efforts would continue to reduce traffic accidents, which resulted in human and financial casualties. “Public awareness will be heightened among road users, patrol campaigns to book offending motorists will be intensified, and modern e-control and surveillance systems will be widely used to check misbehaviour of reckless motorists causing accidents,” he affirmed.
He noted that a majority of fatal accidents were initiated by the non-compliance of motorists with traffic rules and regulations.
“We believe that enforcement of the concept of respect for traffic rules can prevent fatal traffic accidents and make our roads safer,” he explained.
A breakdown of the total 105 accidents that occurred in June showed that collision mishaps numbered 68. Around 23 accidents were booked for vehicles running over people, against 12 accidents for overturning.

Turning to violations, he added that 58,501 accidents were registered last month in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs. “Over-speeding offences accounted for 29,983 of the total accidents,” he noted.

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