61 Motorist’s fined for causing environmental pollution while transporting materials and violating related safety regulations in Abu Dhabi
The traffic and patrols department at the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi police has issued 61 tickets to motorists who were found violating environmental safety regulations in Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs between 18 -24 of this month.
Colonel Gaith Al Zaabi, Director of the traffic and patrols department said that, nine motorists were fined for spilling of water from their vehicles while carrying, 3 were fined for making notice and 16 truckers were fined for not covering their vehicles while transporting various construction materials.
16 truckers were fined for overloading; similarly 14 mini truckers also were fined for the same reason. They were also fined for causing environmental pollution. The traffic department said that for any such violation that leads to environmental pollution by vechicles, the vehicle will be confiscated for a month and also will be fined accordingly
The motorists who were caught for the violation were given safety regulation lecture at the traffic and patrols department. Major Hussaion Al Harthy said the patrol department will step up its vigilance in the coming days and called upon the motorists to restrain from violating environmental safety regulations and avoid inconveniences there off to them and the public alike.
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