Country's first social center is set to open

In a bid to further strengthen its bonds with society and bring about an amicable settlement to the various social problems facing the community. the Abu Dhabi Police Department declared open the country, based in Al Ain.

The center is established on the directives of Major General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Interior.

"Its establishment is considered to be a substantial addition to our security bodies and is aimed at finding solutions to the different social conflicts peacefully," Colonel Najm Abdullah Syaar, Director of the centre, said.

The center will " try and solve the social problems and thereby help those facing the hassle of going to the police sections or even the courts, " he added.

With the establishment of the social center, the public can refer to the center or through the different departments of the Al Ain Police. " Our future plans include establishing a similar center in Abu Dhabi after extensively studying the performance of the first one, " he added. He also pointed out that the center would be operational by January 1.2004.

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