The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police announced that it has installed 46 new radars that cover all external roads leading into the city of Al Ain. This measure is part of a comprehensive plan to improve traffic safety. The plan also includes installing 32 radars at different locations  on internal roads; out of which, 8 will be detecting violations by vehicles on all lanes and in both directions, to prevent all causes leading to traffic accidents and their resulting deaths and serious injuries.

Colonel Khalifa Mohammed Al Khaili, Director of the Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Department at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the installation of these modern and hi-tech devices is carried out in several phases. It is part of a comprehensive plan to enhance traffic safety and instill commitment to laws, which would ultimately contribute to decreasing speeds that pose a major risk, not only on the motorist, but on other road users, should the driver lose control of his vehicle.

Colonel Al Khaili urged motorists travelling on the roads where the new radars were installed to pay attention and be cautious not only to avoid being caught by radars, but to preserve their safety and the safety of other road users. Colonel Al Khaili also stressed the importance of involving all society members in the efforts aimed at spreading the safe driving culture and observing the designated speed limits in order to prevent traffic accidents.

For his part, Captain Adel Khalifa Al Jaberi, Roads Surveillance Branch Manager at Al Ain Traffic Safety Section, revealed that new radars will be set to the designated speed limits applicable in the different streets where they were installed. He called upon drivers to abide by the legal speed limits designated in those streets in the following regions: Airport Street; Al Jamal roundabout; Al Jamal roundabout towards Al Safina roundabout and through to Extra Mall; the area past the gas station roundabout in Al Bateen towards Al Ghadeer roundabout.

The new radars also cover Al Yahar area at Hazza Al Bosh; the area leading up from the cement plant intersection towards the zoo roundabout;  the area leading up from the cement plant roundabout towards the trucks roundabout, facing Shiab Al Ashkhar suburb; the area from Musabbah roundabout towards Al Madeef (Al Kuwaitat); the area from Shakhbout street facing the old students’ residence at Markhaniya leading up to Tawam intersection past Al Bateen Mall; and from Tawam roundabout  towards the Deer Roundabout; and the area leading up from the trucks roundabout  to the fertilizers’ factory.

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