The Al Ain Police arrested a three-member gang who used counterfeit Dh1000 notes to pay for food they order from restaurants in the city, in order to get real money back as change from delivery guys. The police referred the three suspects (a woman and two men) to the concerned authorities for further legal action.

According to Brigadier Hamad Ajlan Al Amimi, Director of the Al Ain Police Directorate, the police received calls from victims claiming that they had been swindled. “We formed an investigation team and managed to arrest a first suspect, a 43-year old Arab woman identified as M.B. During interrogation, the woman confessed to making fake Dh1000 notes using a PC, a scanner and a color inkjet printer at her residence, with the help of two accomplices of the same nationality. She also confessed to using the counterfeit money to pay for food deliveries they were buying to get real money back as change,” Brigadier Al Amimi said.

He added, “The three gang members, all unemployed, have made a habit of targeting a different restaurant each night by ordering food. When the delivery man arrives, the woman would pick up the order in a dark spot within a residential area, in order to conceal her identity and prevent the delivery guy from properly checking the fake note, take real money back as change and leave.”

During the raid, the police also seized the equipment used in the currency forgery. They also seized a number of cell phones registered to fake names, used by the gang members to make their orders and avoid being traced.

Brigadier Al Amimi called upon individuals and employees at markets, stores and restaurants, to properly check the authenticity of the notes and not to hesitate to call Aman service (8002626), send SMS to 2828 or even directly inform a police station, if they come across counterfeit money.

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