Saturday 30 January 2010 


250 thousand patients visited ADP Medical Service last year


The total number of people who visited ADP GHQ Medical Services Department last year was 250 thousand. These people represented all ADP Departments and Sections in addition to new recruits, citizens and residents, said Brigadier Salim Saleh Al Jineibi, Director of ADP GHQ Medical Services.

According to Brigadier Al Jineibi the facility require further expansions and additions. But he confirms that this problem is about to be solved, in accordance with ADP GHQ strategy. The Department, in response to our police leadership directives provides medical care to ADP personnel and their families, for their social and psychological stability. The Department has achieved a number of developments, and it works to promote the standard of its services.

The Department has a plan to organize a number of conferences during 2010, including bone diseases, different chronic diseases, and stomach diseases. The Department has a protocol of cooperation with a German University in digestive system and training.

The educational plan includes lectures at all ADP Departments, medical campaigns and surveys of the most important prevailing diseases (Diabetes, BP, high cholesterol levels, smoking, obesity, thyroid gland disorder and thalassaemia). The Health Education Unit has issued a number of educational booklets and publications to different police departments. They have issued 40 titles and 40,000 copies of these were distributed during different medical occasions inside and outside the country. He has confirmed that the introduction of Daman and Thiqa insurance systems are within privatization concept. This means we work in line with the Health Authority and Global System in respect of health insurance, and ADP GHQ strategy.

Al Juneibi has concluded his statement by saying that we make use of ADP GHQ development system, in terms of administrative system from excellence and quality perspective, joining Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Ministry of Health activities.

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