Colonel Saif Ali Al Kutbi, Police College Director in Abu Dhabi, recently attended the graduation ceremony of 24 staff members from the Police College who took part in the National Emergency Response Program ‘SANID’ developed by the Emirates Foundation for Youth Development which lasted for one week. The program was organized by the Relations and Guidance Section, in cooperation with the National program ‘SANID’, under the supervision of the Foundation’s planning and Research Section.

The graduation ceremony, which was held at Al Ittihad hall at the Police College, was attended by Khaled Ibrahim Al Tunaiji, Director of the National Emergency Response Program ‘SANID’, along with heads of departments and chiefs of sections from the Police College.

Colonel Saif Al Kutbi said that the program is an initiative to communicate with distinguished government entities; pointing out that ‘SANID’ is truly a support in all training, awareness, and quick intervention processes in emergency situations.

He also noted that this first-of-its-kind program represents an inaugural step towards volunteer work in collaboration with the National Emergency Response Program. He stressed the Police College’s keenness to organize this program repeatedly in order to enrich the practical experiences for the benefit of officers, constables, students, and staff members of the various departments, sections, and branches of the Police College. In addition, he highlighted the importance of this program in spreading awareness in the areas of health and occupational safety, which are part of the Police College’s strategic plan.

For his part, Khaled Ibrahim Al Tunaiji expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Police College Department for its cooperation and for providing distinguished services to ensure the training program’s success. He also praised the staff members’ interaction with trainers and supervisors and their keenness to keep abreast of the latest developments, which contributed to achieving the coveted success.

Participants carried out a mock drill of a rescue and evacuation operation of individuals injured after building collapsed. They also took part in a major fire extinguishing drill at a vital facility.

At the end of the ceremony, Colonel Khaled Al Tunaiji honored the Director of the National Program ‘SANID’ and the trainers. In conclusion, certificates were distributed to the employees who took part in the program.
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